Malaria, caused by a parasite spread by certain types of mosquitoes, is among the deadliest diseases in human history.

In 2016, there were 216 million cases and 445,000 deaths from malaria, with about 90 percent of these occurring in sub-Saharan Africa. Pregnant women and children under age 5 are most at risk, because of their weaker immune systems.

The simplest and most effective malaria preventive tool is a long-lasting insecticidal net that a family can hang over their sleeping area. These simple tools are vital in places like camps where temporary shelters may not offer much protection from mosquitoes. Not only does a net protect families from a mosquito bite, but the insecticide on a net also kills the mosquitoes that carry the disease. When mosquito nets are distributed, they are accompanied by education about how they should be used effectively, and what actions to take if malaria is suspected.