My favourite game is Ludo. I play it with my friends in the children’s spaces of the camp. We also play football with the other children in the camp. I have three new friends.

Shahid, 7 (Unchiprang Refugee Camp, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh)

Shahid developed tuberculosis but is now cured after completing treatment. Solima, his mother, says, “I am very happy that my son is now cured. He has gained weight and the cough has disappeared. He had coughs in the village. After we fled his condition got worse and he lost a lot of weight. A community health worker came to our tent and did some tests. They found he had tuberculosis. He finished his medicine three days ago. The entire family sleeps under a bed net. They taught us how to use it and told us about malaria. The refugee camp is very hot and there is a lot of mud, but I am relieved we are safe. In the village we had four cows. They gave us milk and I used to take them to the fields. It made me very happy to take the cows to the fields."