Though life in Maungdaw was difficult, we had a family, a house, a small vegetable patch. There is no dignity living in a refugee camp.

Kulsuma, 44 (Leda Camp, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh)

Kulsuma has been living in the refugee camp for the past three years with her two small children, after fleeing from her village in Maungdaw, Myanmar. She is unregistered, which means she lacks access to employment, health care and education for her children. She manages a shop at the camp but it is difficult to get buyers. "I spend all day finding things I can sell and the next, trying to sell the things that I find. But nobody here has any money to buy anything."
60 percent of new arrivals in Bangladesh are women and girls, including a high number of pregnant and lactating women. This influx has created an urgent need to rapidly scale up reproductive health and protection services to support an already vulnerable population.