We like football but we’re not very good at it. There’s only one ball between all of us so we don’t get a lot of practice and we make the rules up as we go along. One day though, we’ll learn to play properly. One day, we’ll be the best team in the world!

Kabir, 10 (Kutupalong Camp, Bangladesh)

Kabir (third from left) and his friends are just a handful of the 703,000 Rohingya children living in camps scattered around Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, who are in dire need of protection and humanitarian assistance. There is limited space for the boys to play, as tents in the camps are placed close together to accommodate as many people as possible. In host communities, open areas that were once playgrounds are now occupied by the tents of refugees.

The muddy patch Kabir and his friends use to play football is not only restricted, but slippery due to incoming rain. The approaching monsoon season, which lasts from June to September, will affect the health and well-being of children like Kabir, whose immune systems are already weakened by malnutrition. They are at risk of infectious disease in part due to poor sanitation and hygiene. But for now, the boys’ main priority is to improve their foot work.