I spend most of my days pushing him around, visiting his friends and listening to him complain. He complains a lot, but he’s all I’ve got.

Ahsan, 8 (Leda Camp, Bangladesh)

Ahsan was separated from both his parents and arrived at Leda Camp in Cox’s Bazar, where he was reunited with his grandfather who had arrived the summer before.He tirelessly pushes the wheelchair around and gives him company.

Moving around the camps is difficult for most elderly Rohingya refugees. Many need to be carried by family members, others like Ahsan’s grandfather are pushed around in wheelchairs. It’s a difficult task and not everyone is lucky enough to have family to help them out.

Aid workers report high levels of depression among the older Rohingya generation living in the camps; the trauma they have experienced being compounded by the vulnerable situation in which they now find themselves.

97 percent of older refugees are ill or require medical assistance. But health centres are overcrowded, difficult to access and often do not have the appropriate treatment or medication available.