I love studying English and Hindi at school. I am in the 5th grade.

Aasma, 9 (Kalindi Kunj Camp, New Delhi, India)

'My family moved to Bangladesh from Myanmar but there were too many people in those camps so we moved to India.

We used to stay in Jammu before coming to Delhi a few months ago.I am happy that I can attend school here. I am in the fifth grade. English and Hindi are my favourite subjects. 

My father has gone to the camp at Jammu as my cousin passed away there.He had fallen sick.

The boy next to me moved to this camp recently from Jammu as well. He is new here so he misses his friends. But I hope he will get used to this place like me and enjoy going to school.'

Aasma helps in fetching water during the few hours when the supply is provided to the camp by local authorities. She is fortunate  since Rohingyan children are allowed to attend government-run schools in the city.