Nur Mohammad

I miss my bicycle the most. I wish I had my bicycle here with me.

Nur, 16 (Jamotoli Camp, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh)

Nur lives with his mother Sufia Khatun alongside his uncle, aunt and grandmother. His father abandoned the family years ago and he is an only child.

“There was conflict between the communities. We fled the village after evening prayers. It was night time. We only took some blankets with us. We walked for hours and reached the Naf River. When we reached the other side, there was a big storm. We only had the blankets to protect us. There were many villagers crossing the river and we were very afraid.”

Nur doesn’t go to school in the camp because there are no places for older students. “I sleep most of the day or help out at my uncle’s store selling betel leaves. In the village I had a bicycle. I would ride it to school or to the market and spend time with my friends and cousins.”

“I stopped taking my medicines when I fled.”

“When we arrived here, my cough got worse because I stopped taking my medication. I was losing a lot of weight. I went to the camp’s clinic in November to see the doctors. They said I was severely malnourished. They gave me tuberculosis treatment and I now I am cured.”

“When I grow up I want to be a doctor.”